Conor McGregor always makes sure to visit one place when he is back home 11 months ago

Conor McGregor always makes sure to visit one place when he is back home

He has not forgotten.

As Conor McGregor wrapped up his open work-out session at the UFC's High Performance Institute, he cautioned a member of his team to keep a close eye on his boxing gloves.

"They'll go missing," he warned.

With so many media members, fight fans and curious onlookers in the institute's main gym, the Dubliner did not want anyone taking a souvenir with them. Readjusting his custom-made Versace robe, McGregor remarked:

"You can take the boy out of Crumlin but you can't take Crumlin out of the boy!"

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McGregor is a man proud of his nationality and heritage and, most importantly, his roots.


ESPN's 'Crossing Crumlin Road' was hyperbole squared but Wright Thompson did strike upon two incontrovertible facts - McGregor is proud of Crumlin and Crumlin is proud of McGregor.  He first learned how to fight at Crumlin Boxing Club and he played up front for Crumlin United. Many of his friends still live there.

Asked about the area, McGregor told reporters:

"That's my people. My people.

"That's where I'm from. I've never changed. Ask anyone; I've never changed. Money has never changed me."

It is not long - just over four years, in fact - that McGregor was collecting his dole cheques and the struggle of being unemployed while trying to graft out a fighting career has not been forgotten. 'The Notorious' revealed he always makes a point of visiting the local dole office.

"You know what, I always make a point to see it. I always make a point to look back and reminisce, and pinch myself that I'm in this position.

"But I never stare. if you stare, you stay there.

"I pay homage to it and I use it as fuel to keep going. I never become complacent; comfortable."

Keep an eye out for McGregor next time you happen to be at that post office, picking up a cheque, posting a letter or buying a book of stamps.

The frequent visits by the UFC champion offer another insight into what drives and motivates him ahead of the biggest fight of his life.