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30th May 2021

Anthony Joshua responds after John Fury criticises Tyson’s team

Danny Jones

AJ’s team has responded after John Fury’s interview with BT

With Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury‘s long-awaited bout once again delayed and cast into yet more uncertainty, Tyson Fury must now fight Deontay Wilder another time before he has a shot at the fight he and everyone has been waiting for. Eddie Hearn spoke over doubts last week, with John Fury also throwing in his two cents saying, in short, “I’m not a happy man”.

Speaking to BT Sport, the Gypsy King’s father, John Fury – known for his equally big personality – gave his verdict on the collapse, discussing how the arbitration of the fight suddenly became a problem, stating it “could’ve been squashed in December, but they didn’t squash it. I can rattle on all day. The public knows they’re not fools. Garbage”.

He went on to say, “Everybody seems to be doing what Bob Arum says. He’s probably got his intentions right, but it’s all about money and what they can do. All of this benefits the Americans because they never wanted the Saudi fight, did they? Tyson wanted it, I wanted it, and everybody in the world wanted it.”

You can see the full interview below.

Now, following the intense interview, AJ has responded, largely with admiration and amicability it would seem but also with the subtle suggestion of something deeper.

His comments were shared on social media – make of this what you will:

There seems to be an obvious level of mutual respect between the Joshua and the Fury family, at least where the elder and former fighter is concerned. AJ clearly would love to know the 57-year-old’s thoughts on fighting these days and apparently, put away some a few pints – wouldn’t we all.

Once again, the world must wait to see Anthony Joshua, the WBA, IBF, WBO champion, and Tyson Fury, the WBC champion, finally clash.

One thing we do know is that when it does, at last, come along, we’re in for a treat. Don’t lose hope now.