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25th Jun 2021

Video of Usain Bolt’s treatment of staff proves the person he is

Kieran Galpin

Usain Bolt- a true legend!

A video shared on Twitter has shown Olympic champion Usain Bolt in an incredible light. Some athletes have diva-like attitudes (Cristiano Ronaldo), but Bolt proves that not all athletes are completely self-obsessed.

Usain Bolt, who hails from Jamaica, was literally born to run. Come on; his last name is Bolt!

The eight-time Olympic gold medallist lived and breathed sports since he was a child, developing a love for running, European football teams, and cricket. But his most notable skill is his sprinting, which has earned him recognition worldwide. He is widely considered the greatest sprinter of all time, besides me when the Deliveroo driver says he is at the door.

In the video above, Bolt is seen interacting with staff at competitions. Everyone has smiles on their faces, and the interactions seem genuine and heartfelt. Bolt gives lots of staff fist bumps and handshakes, proving why he is one of the most beloved sportsmen on the planet.