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10th Dec 2014

Triple jump and 200m just two of five Olympic sports that face the axe for 2024

Not our beloved shot put, anything but the shot put

Darragh Murphy

The Olympics is set for a reshuffle over the next decade and an Australian athletics administrator has given us five potential events that could be gotten rid of.

The shot put, triple jump, 200m and 10,000m could be given the ol’ heave-ho as well as one of the men’s race walks.

The events have already been decided for the next two Olympic Games, Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020, but the 2024 Games will have a number of missing sports.

Rob Heffernan celebrates as he comes home to win gold 14/8/2013

Brian Roe, a respected Australian athletics administrator, revealed the five events to which he believed the IOC would be giving the chop.

“There was a gathering over dinner in Europe recently of senior athletics people who are very significant in influencing policy matters and I was present,” Roe told

“The IOC clearly has a view to reduce the number of those competing in athletics events and options were raised for how to do that, and clearly there was a strong view that the 10,000m, 200m, one race walk and shot put were the most at risk.”

Robert Heffernan will likely be retired by 2024 so the removal of the men’s race walk hopefully won’t effect our Rob at all.