The tension was actually painful in Ally Pally as two men try their best to bottle it 10 months ago

The tension was actually painful in Ally Pally as two men try their best to bottle it

If Devon Peterson had lost that game...

We hate to say it but it would probably have been one of the greatest bottle jobs of all-time. At two sets up, the South African had the chance to take it in the third and then again in the fourth but he passed both of them up.

By the fifth English man Wayne Jones was charging and it was fair to say the momentum was on his side, having won two sets on the bounce. But Peterson responded.

The flamboyant South African who walks into the music of Shakira's Waka Waka had fought back and the fifth set was going down to a wire thinner than those on the dartboard.

At two legs apiece and with the fifth evenly poised, the first chance came to Peterson to finish it off.

Double tops, a professional darts player's meat and drink, and with three shots at it, Surely this game was over?

But with Peterson shakier than Shakira, the crowd roaring and the beads of sweat rolling down his face, he sent three arrows outside the target.

Jones with a chance to put him out of misery. He, similarly, missed two at tops and then one at double ten. What's going on at Ally Pally?

So back to Peterson again and this time he misses tops, double ten and then double five. You were actually in agony for the man at this stage.

Jones can't miss again. Can he? That dartboard must have been cursed in London because he sent three above double five to win.

Then, after missing two more, Peterson sealed it with his final dart before dancing to, you guessed it, Shakira.

Such drama, with 14 darts to win it missed.