Public rally behind Derry man after crowd backlash but he has a hell of a quarter-final draw 6 years ago

Public rally behind Derry man after crowd backlash but he has a hell of a quarter-final draw

It doesn't get any easier for Daryl Gurney.

His reward for holding his nerve in a tense seven-set round of 16 with Mark Webster is to trade darts with world number one Michael van Gerwen for a place in the semi-final.


It was a hell of a battle on Thursday though. The Northern Ireland representative had to hold his nerve to come from behind and then he had to battle with the crowd who he gestured at for the noise they were making during pressure situations.

It didn't help matters and it seemed like he was never going to hit another double but he got through and stood strong to win 4-3.


The difference between a quarter-final and semi-final spot is huge though.

Gurney is already guaranteed Β£38,000 for his performance in the World Darts Championship so far but he could double that and then some if he managed to upset the odds against van Gerwen on Friday.

PDC World Darts Championship prize money

Prize money


But the back and forward between Gurney and the crowd at the Alexandra Palace saw the 30-year-old draw some criticism.

There's plenty of more where that came from, the public commenting on his behaviour but what they didn't seem to take into consideration was that Gurney has never been this far before.


He was throwing the most important darts of his life and he was struggling to deal with the atmosphere. Couple that with the fear of losing the grip he had on the tie and you can understand exactly how someone might lose control of their emotions too.

Thankfully, he had plenty of backers.

Derry is behind him.


Him and his 'big chin'.

Give him a break.

SuperBalls > SuperChin

His body language was a concern for a while.


Prepare the scenes!

Bring on van Gerwen. One man representing the north has had a hell of a battle to get here, he's not going to let it go without a fight.