The most underrated gym exercises of all time 8 months ago

The most underrated gym exercises of all time

This could transform how you work out.

You probably aren't blessed with an infinite amount of time to train. So it's essential you pick the gym exercises that get results while minimising the risk of injury.

We have already asked the CrossFit athlete Zack George to outline the most overrated exercises of all time. This time, he is back to push some underrated gems.

The most underrated gym exercises

Now the negative stuff is out of the way, it's time to consider the most underrated gym exercises. According to George, these three moves provide the biggest bang-for-your-buck:

Burpees Ab Workout Photo: iStock

1. Burpees

Most seasoned gym goers have a love-hate relationship with burpees. While you might shy away from including them in your routine, George says they should take centre stage.


"You can do them anywhere, you don't need any kit.

"They are great for cardiovascular gains but also work your chest and triceps, and it's a full body movement."

2. Thrusters

"I love thrusters. They're extremely painful.

"You can do them with 30 kilos for high reps and it's absolutely horrendous, or you can do it with 110 kilos and develop raw strength. They are great for legs, shoulders and triceps."

3. Assault bike

"Brutal piece of kit, great cardio in interval form and blasts the quads. I just love it."

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