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29th Oct 2019

Dublin Marathon organisers claim lottery the “fairest system” to runners

Patrick McCarry

To us, first-come, first-served would be the best way to continue operating.

From next year on, registration for the 2020 Dublin Marathon will occur through a lottery system instead of the first-come, first-served online process, it has been confirmed.

Race organisers state that the decision ‘was made as a result of the increased demand for race entries’. Race director Jim Aughney comments:

“Many races that have more interested runners than they can accommodate have moved to a lottery registration system in recent years. Demand for the Dublin Marathon has never been greater, and we believe the lottery is the fairest system to offer all runners the same opportunity to participate.”

The organisers made the change as places sought exceeded race capacity by 2,500 for the 2019 running of the KBC Dublin Marathon. Entry in that lottery will only be open for ONE MONTH – from Friday, November 1 (later this week) to November 30.

The process will work this way:

‘There will be a registration fee of €15 per lottery entry which will be fully refundable if the applicant is not successful and fully redeemable against entry fee if the applicant is successful. Registrants will learn their entry status via SMS and email between 3rd January to 10th January. Successful entrants will have until 31st January 2020 to redeem the offer.

‘Any initial places not redeemed by 31st January 2020 will be re-allocated by lottery to entrants who were not successful. The applicants will learn their entry status via SMS and email between the 4th February to 7th February 2020. These offers must be redeemed by 14th February 2020.’

The Dublin event is often known as ‘The Friendly Marathon’ and it has long operated on the first-come, first-served basis. Needless to say, the change in registration procedure has sparked a response, and divided opinions.

The debate may rage on for the coming weeks and months but anyone interested in taking part in the 2020 Dublin Marathon will only have until the end of November to register their interest and pay the €15 fee.

Should their registration be successful, through the lottery, that €15 will go towards their race fee. Those unlucky to miss out will get their €15 back.