Cao Yupeng revolutionises way to hold cue in awkward position 3 years ago

Cao Yupeng revolutionises way to hold cue in awkward position

You don't see that every day.

Neil Robertson claimed a dramatic Scottish Open final victory on Sunday, after winning the last five frames to defeat Cao Yupeng 9-8.


And while Robertson ultimately came out on top, despite failing to lead in the match until the final frame, it was a shot from his opponent which provided one of the final's biggest talking points.

1985 world champion Dennis Taylor claimed he'd never seen anything quite like what Cao nonchalantly attempted towards the end of the thrilling encounter in Glasgow.

Viewers weren't sure Cao's safety shot was even legal as he held the very tip of his cue between his thumb and finger, rested the butt of the cue on the table and just gently nudged the cue ball forward.



However, with the referee over his shoulder, Cao's piece of innovation was allowed but it mattered little in the overall scheme of things as a stunning Robertson comeback gave the Aussie the win.

"I don't know how to say my feelings just now. I put too much pressure on myself," Cao told BBC Scotland after his defeat.

"My heart needs to be stronger. That's what I need to learn from Neil and the top 16 players."