8 excellent Netflix sports documentaries you can watch this weekend 4 years ago

8 excellent Netflix sports documentaries you can watch this weekend

Planning a weekend on the couch? Missing the Premier League? Tennis and GAA not your thing? We've got you covered with these Netflix sports documentaries.

If you're anything like us, you love a good sports documentary when there's nothing on live to really whet your fancy.


Well let us save you valuable seconds scrolling through the Netflix menu by bringing you this selection of the best the streaming service currently has to offer...

GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling

Not the brilliant Marc Maron-starring comedy/drama that, if you've any sense, you'll have already spent an evening or two devouring.

No no, this is a documentary looking at the real life story behind those gorgeous ladies of wrestling, and it's superb.

Team Foxcatcher

Wrestling of a very different kind. Steve Carell starred in the motion picture as billionaire murderer John E. du Pont, the man behind the death of Dave Schultz, but this real life documentary is infinitely better than the film and gives a real insight to the notorious, flamboyant owner of Foxcatcher Farm.


Hoop Dreams

An iconic 1994 documentary about two top high school basketball prospects.

One in a Billion


Satnam Singh aims to become the first India-born player to be drafted into the NBA. He has quite a story to tell.

Rooney: The Man Behind The Goals

This may be slightly dated, given the 31-year-old Wayne Rooney's recent return to Everton, but it's still a good look at the man behind the Manchester United and England goalscoring records.


Stop at Nothing: The Lance Armstrong Story

The story behind the greatest fraud in the history of modern sport.



The Resurrection of Jake the Snake

For a sport built on artifice, wrestling gives us some incredible movies, documentaries and drama series. This is the story of one of the icons of WWE, and Jake the Snake's efforts to turn his life around after his struggles with alcohol.


The Battered Bastards of Baseball

The true story behind the Portland Mavericks, a team of baseball underdogs with a lot of colourful personalities started by actor Bing 'father of Kurt' Russell in the 1970s.