The 11 best sports movies on Netflix right now 4 years ago

The 11 best sports movies on Netflix right now

If we spend a third of our lives sleeping, how much time do we waste browsing through Netflix?

There's probably more hours spent in an evening scrolling through the site's home page than there is actually doing what the site was designed for.


When you think of something you want to watch, it's probably not there. That's always the way.

But there are some gems to find - especially in the sports section. We already brought you the best sporting documentaries on Netflix and you'll not go far wrong with these films.


Brad Pitt is of course eating in this role but he's actually pretty good too.

A baseball club being gutted by richer clubs - they find good players, the richer clubs take them. How can you progress like that?

The only way is by changing the game. A general manager and his assistant look for different stats to uncover lesser known, less valuable players at cost-effective prices.


The Fighter

An old boxer now struggling with drug addiction is still living off past glories - once knocking down Sugar Ray Leonard.

The younger brother has his own chance at immortality but this chance involves a belt.



A one-off MMA tournament over two days with ridiculous prize money.

Two brothers on two very different paths find themselves at either side of the draw. Even some Beethoven thrown in for good measure.



An Academy Award for Sylvester Stallone and probably (surely definitely) the last hurrah for Rocky Balboa.

The motorbike scene is shit though.



Guilty of making a generation grow up believing they could beat up anyone if they just look inside themselves.

Guilty of unleashing Jean Claude Van Damme's dancing on the world.

Million Dollar Arm

An agency on its last legs comes up with the idea of finding baseball's next big thing in India. If they can throw a cricket ball, they can throw a baseball.

That's the thinking anyway.

Rookie of the Year

"Henry Rowengartner had a dream..."

A childhood classic.

Pumping Iron

A proper, make-your-life-better and get-the-most-of-what-you-have type of thing.

Two of the best going at it. Losing is not an option.

The Wrestler

Sad, inspiring, absolutely powerful.

Eddie The Eagle

Underdog. Said he couldn't do it. All that nonsense.

Building Jersualem

Even if you hate the English, how Clive Woodward turned them from being a bunch of what some people labelled fools to World Cup winners is a serious, serious story.

They changed rugby in this part of the world.