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20th May 2023

Stephanie Roche: Katie Taylor is ‘Ireland’s greatest athlete’

Clodagh McKeon

“She’s Ireland’s greatest athlete”

Shamrock Rovers and Ireland international player, Stephanie Roche, said she’ll “definitely be watching and supporting” Katie Taylor as she takes on Chantelle Cameron this weekend.

The Dubliner’s homecoming fight will make history on Saturday and former teammate, Stephanie Roche said she hopes the country will get behind her.

Stephanie and Katie played on the Ireland team together until she turned to focus full-time on her boxing career.

She stopped playing soccer in 2011 and the next year won Gold at the London Olympics. Stephanie Roche, speaking ahead of the opening of Ireland’s first women’s sports bar in the Square Bar, she remembered playing alongside the Olympian.

“When I started playing with Katie she was very much involved in boxing but obviously now her career has taken off and she’s now probably in my opinion, Ireland’s greatest athlete.

“A lot of stuff is coming her way in terms of boxing, she’s been phenomenal.

“She’s one of those people that is just good at everything she puts her hand to because she was an excellent footballer.

“I definitely think that if she had chosen football, she would have played the highest level of professional football and she’d probably still be around the Irish team as well.

“So yeah, she’s just one of those people who are talented at whatever they put their mind to.”

“We’ll definitely be showing support to Katie.”

When asked if she’ll be attending the fight at the 3Arena this weekend, Stephanie said she won’t make it but she’ll be watching.

She said: “I didn’t get tickets, I was actually in camp, believe it or not, trying to get them but ended up busy with kids and didn’t get to. But, I’ll definitely be watching it.

“I’ve yet to actually get to a live fight because she’s usually fighting when we’re playing or when there’s a match so it’s been difficult.

“We’ll definitely be showing support to Katie and we’re looking forward to watching Gary Cully on the night as well.”

Katie Taylor’s homecoming fight against Chantelle Cameron takes place this Saturday, May 20th at the 3Arena Dublin.

The main event kicks off at 10:30 pm. You can stream it live on DAZN.

Watch Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron, this Saturday 20th May, live only on DAZN. Sign-up at

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