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Women in Sport

26th Jan 2023

All the big sporting events happening in Irish women’s sport this year and how to watch them

Ellen Fitzpatrick

So much to look forward to.

It’s a big year for women’s sports, and while the World Cup is the biggest thing people will be talking about – it’s not the only major event happening.

Following the hype of the FIFA World Cup, which saw Argentina beat France on penalties, the Women’s World Cup is only around the corner.

This year the tournament will be hosted by Australia and New Zealand. The World Cup kicks off on July 20th and the final takes place exactly a month later on August 20th.

Ireland’s first match of the cup is on the very first day, with our girls in green taking on the Aussies. They will then play Canada on July 26th before a game against Nigeria on July 31st as they seek to get out of the group and reach the last-16.

RTÉ has secured the rights to broadcast these matches, with every single one set to be shown – not just the Irish games.

As exciting as it is to see Ireland compete on the international stage like this, it’s not the only prominent women’s sporting event this year.

Before the football kicks off, we have some rugby to really get the sports season started as the Women’s Six Nations takes place on March 25th.

Ireland is set to play their first match against Wales in Cardiff before a home game against France in Musgrave Park on April 1st.

After a week’s break, the Irish ladies will return to play Italy in Parma on April 15th before taking on England at home on April 22nd. The final game will see Ireland head to Edinburgh on April 29th to take on the Scots.

Like the men’s Six Nations, both RTÉ and Virgin Media will be showing these games. The match against Wales is to be shown on RTÉ Two and the one against France will be on Virgin Media One. Virgin Media One will also show the Italy game, with the clash with England on RTÉ Two.

The final game of the tournament will be shown on Virgin Media One.

Last but certainly not least, we have ladies’ Gaelic football. With matches happening left, right and centre throughout the next few weeks in women’s football, there is almost too much to choose from.

We have the Lidl Ladies National Football League Division 1 and the TG4 All-Ireland Senior Championship.

Divisions 2 and 3 will contain eight teams each, while Division 4 is split into two groups.

The top two teams in Divisions 1, 2 and 3 will then progress to the Lidl National League Finals, while there will be semi-finals in Division 4, scheduled for Sunday, March 26.

The Divisions 1 and 2 Finals will be played in Croke Park on Saturday, April 15 and the Divisions 3 and 4 Finals are set to be on the following day, April 16.

The top two teams in each group of Division 4 will then progress to the semi-finals.

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