Irish hockey coach Graham Shaw sticks it to Holland after Spain win 3 years ago

Irish hockey coach Graham Shaw sticks it to Holland after Spain win

Irish women's hockey coach Graham Shaw has been on an emotional rollercoaster this week.

A quarter-final and a semi-final win. Ireland's first ever World Cup final. Two back-to-back penalty shootout victories over India and Spain.


Shaw has spearheaded an Irish team ranked 16th in the world to a World Cup final and he was quite emotional in his post-match interview.

Ireland will play the winner of the other semi-final between fifth ranked Australia and defending World Cup champions the Netherlands on Sunday and if the Dutch should prevail in that tie it will give Shaw his long awaited wish of having a crack at the number one ranked team in women's field hockey.


"Listen I've been asking the Dutch for a game for three years and they don't have a bloody choice now, they're going to have to play us," said Shaw.

"Whoever it is... Australia... Holland... we'll enjoy it. We've enjoyed every moment of this together and we'll enjoy these few hours and we'll enjoy the game again tomorrow.

"We just want to thank everyone for the support at home. It's been incredible and hopefully it's going to be a life changing moment for these girls."

Shaw praised his side's resilience and belief and commented that he's never been involved with a group that has been so unified and together.

"This is just incredible for our sport," added Shaw.

"I didn't think this would happen in our lifetime. I'm just so proud of them.

"I've never been involved with a team so together  my whole entire life. They're best friends. They fight for every single moment with each other out there and they never give up. They stay together and even when the hard times came in the penalty shootout they still believed.

"Seriously impressive group of people."