Ellen Molloy has just done a Stephanie Roche on it 1 week ago

Ellen Molloy has just done a Stephanie Roche on it

16 years old and it's fairly clear already, that the future of Irish women's soccer is in Ellen Molloy's hands.

The Kilkenny teenager made her debut for the Republic of Ireland women's team recently and in the women's national league, she has been burning it up for the Wexford Youths.

They currently sit in second in the table behind Peamount and that's down to Molloy, who with her pace and skill, has become the most dangerous player in the League.

It was only seven years ago back in 2014, when Stephanie Roche's stone cold stunner for Peamount saw her earn a nomination for the Puskas goal of the year award. While Molloy's effort against Galway United on Saturday afternoon may not have been as extravagant, it certainly isn't too far off with the roulette, the one-two and the left footed zing from outside the box making for a brilliant goal.


Just last week, she was up to similar antics. Don't forget that name.