WATCH: The one catch that proves American Football needs to chill out 2 years ago

WATCH: The one catch that proves American Football needs to chill out

US Sports can be brilliant, but even when they're not, they're BRILLIANT.

At this time of the year, sleep-loving Irish men and women defy the cold winter nights and #BlueMonday fear to stay up late into the night and watch the NFL play-offs.

Often times you are rewarded with some fourth quarter drama. Last night was one of those nights as the Green Bay Packers, led by their endlessly admirable quarterback Aaron Rodgers, silenced the 6 squillion capacity crowd in the Dallas Cowboys' other-worldly AT&T Stadium by clinching a last-gasp win to qualify for the NFC decider against the Atlanta Falcons.

Rodgers is ridiculous. The only quarterback around who can make a 'Hail Mary' seem like the sensible option, but some of the reaction to Jared Cook's catch that set-up the winning field goal is proof that hyperbole is alive and well in American sports.

Rodgers told his team-mates what to do, directing tight end Cook to leg it towards the left sideline. He then lasered him the ball, Cook caught it and the kicker did his thing. See it below. The catch is grand, like. But it was thrown at his chest. If he dropped it you would be sacking him.

We know he has to keep both feet in the field but the ball IS THROWN AT HIS CHEST.

But, don't let that fact get in the way of some quality hyperbole.





According to the New York Post:

"Cook barely beat safety Byron Jones and lunged on the left sideline to secure the ball but his body was heading out of bounds. He dragged both toes on the green turf and went to both knees, scraping down inbounds before tumbling out of bounds. The play survived a replay investigation and resulted in a 36-yard gain."

Or, "the ball was thrown at the chest of a professional ball catcher and he caught it".

Don't get us wrong. There are incredible catches in the NFL every week. Odell Beckham Jr is a one-man highlight reel.

While recently retired Kilkenny hurler Jackie Tyrrell seems to be praising the Rodgers throw more than the catch, it shows that the hyperbole has crossed the Atlantic.

That said, if anyone can appreciate a good catch it would be Tyrrell. He has played alongside some of the greatest catchers of the modern era.

"Amateur ball catcher catches ball".

Crazy shit.