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06th Feb 2017

WATCH: New England complete historic 25-point Super Bowl comeback but all anyone can talk about is one catch

While you were sleeping

Mikey Stafford

History was made in Houston.

Sweet mother of jumpin’ Jesus, where were ye?

Tom Brady became the first quarter-back to win five Super Bowls as he led New England to the first over-time victory in the 51-year history of the feted American football season finale.

The Patriots were 28-3 down to the Atlanta Falcons but scored 25 unanswered points to tie the game and send a bonkers game to over-time. Bill Belichick’s men won the toss and Brady drove them to the decisive touchdown.

Listen, that was lovely and all but this game will forever be remembered for a simply ridiculous catch. No, not this one, as ridiculous as this one was.

Julio Jones, the Falcons’ super human wide receiver, ended up on the losing side because of a mind-boggling catch by the Patriots’ Julian Edelman.

This was the moment that will forever be compared to David Tyree’s famous ‘helmet catch’ that cost the Patriots the Super Bowl nine years ago against the New York Giants.

This, this was stunning.

Here it is again. The most remarkable part of a remarkable 91-yard-drive. The most remarkable part of arguably the greatest comeback in history of US sports.

The wide receiver had dropped some clangers before this but when his team absolutely needed him he was there, he was there to catch a bouncing ball off the heel of a Falcons defender. Absolutely insane. What attitude, what reflexes, what instincts.

Brady’s team needed two two-point conversions to take the game to over-time and make it five wins in seven Super Bowl visits for Belichick’s remarkable Patriots. But it was Edelman’s pass that had fans enraptured.