VINE: Unlucky cheerleader wiped out by failed lay-up attempt 7 years ago

VINE: Unlucky cheerleader wiped out by failed lay-up attempt

Being a cheerleader is tough sometimes

We await the day in Ireland when its sportingly acceptable to have women in short skirts and pom-poms cheering teams along the sideline. It would sure make a change to the level of abuse our various sportsmen and women get seemingly every week. However it may also come with a severe health warning after events in a college basketball in the USA overnight.


If you have your back to play well there's no way to protect yourself and that is where things could get very dangerous indeed.

During Tuesday night's 66-48 win for the  Kentucky Wildcats over Tennessee in Knoxville, Devin Booker was all set for a handy two points with a basic lay-up, when he was fouled and as he carried through he then smashed into the unsuspecting cheerleader

He took her out at the knees and to be fair if he was at the Aviva or Twickenham it would be a tackle he should be proud of.

Hopefully she recovered and he even got a chance to say sorry on Twitter after the game :




H/T to  BleacherReport