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22nd Nov 2014

Vine: High school QB scores insane front-flip touchdown

He's not even old enough to buy a pint!

Ben Kiely

Side-step left! Jink right! Ok, fair enough. Just do that.

This quarterback made sure nothing was getting in the way of him scoring six points, literally. High school quarterback Ethan Jones treated the crowd, and now the internet, to an incredibly display of acrobatics on the gridiron. The Hamilton Heights High School player made an amazing run and was faced with a dilemma when nearing the end zone.

With a defensive player standing right in his path, he could either take the hit and leave his side with an easier task of trying to run it in from one yard or try to beat the man himself.

The first option would have been risky as it could have resulted in a fumble or even worse, injury. The latter, even trickier as the brick wall in front of him seemed to have every conceivable route to the end zone covered. Well, as it turned out, all but one.