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05th Mar 2015

Vine: Chris Paul throws hissy-fit after team-mate messes up chance to win game

His head almost exploded with rage

Ben Kiely

You won’t like Chris Paul when he’s angry

The LA Clippers point guard had a bit of an on-court meltdown during his side’s game against the Portland Trail Blazers on Wednesday.

Both teams were tied at 87 apiece with time counting down in the fourth quarter. In these situations, every team needs a player that will stand up and be the man that makes that nail-biting, final play to win the game.

Paul tried to be this player. He broke free from the Portland defence, took a shot, but he came up short. Luckily, his centre DeAndre Jordan was standing directly under the bucket, waiting to grab the rebound and make that game-winning basket.

Jordan got the rebound, he waited… he waited some more…. and then the final buzzer went. Jordan choked and Paul was not happy with him, to say the least. Check out the hysterical on-court temper tantrum he threw over his team-mate’s moment of idiocy below.

To make matters worse, the Clippers lost in overtime.

Hat-tip to For the Win