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20th Jan 2015

Video: NBA star DeAndre Jordan gets far too easily distracted during interview

Eh... we did it

Ben Kiely

Come on DeAndre, concentrate. You can do this

The Clippers defeated the Boston Celtics 102-93 the other night, aided massively by a lionhearted performance from center DeAndre Jordan who finished up with 19 points, 12 rebounds and six blocks.

Jordan was extremely focused throughout the game to inspire the Clippers to victory. Unfortunately, he was unable to maintain that focus during a post-game interview on the court.

If you watch closely, you can pinpoint the exact moment where his mind wanders off and he forgets the initial question. Jordan eventually snapped out of his trance-like daze and answered a few of the interviewer’s questions. He admitted that it was the Tupac song playing over the Arena’s PA that caused his mind to drift.

There you have it, kids. Never, ever listen to Tupac while operating heavy machinery or driving. It could potentially result in a disaster.