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14th Feb 2015

VIDEO: Dallas Stars’ players pull off Valentine’s Day prank on their shocked mothers

The poor oul mammies didn' know how to react.

Darragh Murphy

We never thought that the tough lads who play in the NHL were going to be overly sentimental when it came to Valentine’s Day.

But these Dallas Stars’ players have taken the mick with how little they care about the (made-up) holiday by winding their mothers up with a prank call in which they claim to be planning on proposing to their respective girlfriends.

Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin call up their unsuspecting mammies to ask for permission to use their grandmothers’ wedding ring when proposing to the fictional females and, it’s safe to say, the poor mothers are pretty damn shook by the whole thing.

The proper way to deal with the 14 February, gentleman.


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