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28th Oct 2015

VIDEO: 12 bloody minutes into the new NBA season and Steph Curry had 24 bloody points


Conan Doherty

There’s beast mode. And then there’s Steph Curry mode.

Another day, another season, another laughable performance from the NBA’s MVP.

Curry picked up right from where he left off last season when he helped the champions to an opening day victory over the Pelicans.

Well, we say he helped… he scored 40 points.

And, in the first quarter of the first game of the new campaign, Curry had racked up 24 God damn points.

We were expecting the 27-year-old to ease into the new season with some standard shots from the tunnel, but it seems as though there are no bounds for the point guard on the court.

Here’s that outrageous first quarter of his.