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15th Dec 2014

Pic: Fail! Walmart could not have gotten their Carmelo Anthony doll more wrong

Not even close

Ben Kiely

Whoever designed this toy made a right hames of it

Behemoth American retail chain Wal-mart had an incredibly embarrassing mistake on their website today. There was a few glaringly obvious errors with their supposedly new “Carmelo Anthony” plush toys.

Consumers perusing the site looking for some NBA memorabilia were left scratching their heads wondering when their beloved heavily tattooed, African-American New York Knicks forward with a shaven head had turned into an ink-free Asian player with a full head of hair.

The doll’s designer clearly got the seven-time NBA All Star confused with La Lakers guard, Jeremy Lin. Not only does the toy sort of look like Linsanity (kind of), but it also bears his #17 jersey that he wears for the Lakers. As you can see from the picture below, the doll is clearly kitted out in a Knicks jersey which means that the designer must have gotten dreadfully befuddled altogether.

That being said, there is a slim chance the Knicks have secretly signed a new player called “Anthony Carmelo” as it is listed on the site, who’ll be wearing the #17 shirt from now on, but it’s highly doubtful. I mean, we probably would have heard about something like that.

Hat-tip to Bleacher report