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20th Nov 2014

Like shovelling 220,000 tonnes of snow for $10 an hour? If so the Buffalo Bills want you

'We will definitely not be turning anybody away who wants to help shovel snow'

Patrick McCarry

In an act of stubborn Americanism, the Bills are encouraging supporters to get down to Ralph Wilson Stadium ‘prepared to work’.

The NFL team are slated to welcome the New York Jets for a 1pm kick-off this Sunday yet their home stadium, and pitch, is buried in snow. Sections around the ground are under four-feet of snow and another dump has been predicted. The Bills are refusing to lie down and, once driving restrictions are lifted, are asking fans to show up with a shovel and a whistle while you work demeanour.

Any supporters that help with clearing the snow will be paid the princely sum of $10 an hour and receive a free match ticket for a future game.

Bills’ vice president of operations Andy Major says, ‘We have not had this much snow as far as we know in the history of our team. It might take three days or so to remove one foot of snow before a game and now we’ve got four feet of snow on a 200-acre site where there’s potential for more coming. So right there it gives you the magnitude.”

Major adds, ‘We’re just going to have to go 24/7, triple shifts, to push forward and make sure we have this place ready for Sunday, giving a target number of 500 shovellers. We can’t have too many people helping, so there’s no cut-off. We will definitely not be turning anybody away who wants to help shovel snow.”

Asked where the super fans will shovel the snow to, Major suggested the ‘back corners of parking lots’. Sounds like a foolproof plan. If you are living near Ralph Wilson Stadium and would like to pitch in, you can find all the information you need here.