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25th May 2022

Basketball coach from The Last Dance documentary calls for gun control in US

Lee Costello

“Any basketball questions don’t matter.”

Golden State Warriors coach and prominent figure in the Netflix series The Last Dance, Steve Kerr point blank refused to answer any questions about basketball or his team at a press conference on Tuesday.

After the news hit that an 18-year-old gunman opened fired at an elementary school in south Texas, killing students and teachers in the process, Kerr insisted that gun laws in America were the only topic that he would talk about.

(Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

“Any basketball questions don’t matter… ” Kerr told reporters. “In the last 10 days, we’ve had elderly black people killed in a supermarket in Buffalo, we’ve had Asian churchgoers killed in Southern California.

“Now we have children murdered at school. When are we going to do something? I’m so tired of getting up here and offering condolences to the devastated families that are out there.”

Clearly struck by the devastating tragedy, the former Chicago Bulls star spoke passionately about his stance on the current legislation around owning firearms.

Steve Kerr has been a long time advocate for gun control laws.

“Do you realize that 90% of Americans, regardless of political party, want background checks, universal background checks? 90% of us,” Kerr said.

“We are being held hostage by 50 Senators in Washington who refuse to even put it to a vote, despite what we the American people want. They won’t vote on it because they want to hold on to their own power.”

 (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

U.S. President Joe Biden has asked Congress to require new background checks for gun buyers and ban military-style “assault” weapons and large-capacity ammunition magazines.