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14th Nov 2014

If you insult Brandon Marshall’s ma, he will fight you (and he’ll pay you for it too)

Chicago Bears wide receiver offers $25k to Twitter troll to step into ring with him

Conan Doherty

$25,000? Surely it’s worth it.

Brandon Marshall would almost certainly destroy you but, by God, that would be one enjoyable hospital stay.

The Chicago Bears wide receiver took unkindly to an Instagram troll insulting his mother and called him out on Twitter, offering him $5,000 to step into a ring with him.  When the keyboard warrior asked for an extra 10, Marshall quickly obliged.

He then even stated that he’d give his abuser another $10,000 on top of that if he was to beat Marshall.  But if the NFL star was to win – and, believe us, no-one was taking any bets on it – ‘Anthony G Kalla’ (his Twitter and Instagram name) would have to do 100 hours of service at an orphanage.

Marshall soon deleted some of his tweets but, naturally, he has been inundated with offers since, with members of the public queuing up to take a beating and pick up their cheque.

How much money would it take you?

This was the initial Instagram trolling which Marshall referred to.

Marshall tweet

And, below, are some of the Bears player’s responses.

Marshall tweet 2

Marshall tweet 3