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29th Jun 2024

Fans baffled by video of Eric Cantona walking goat on a dog lead through UK town


No one can believe that this video is real

An incredibly random video of Eric Cantona walking a goat on a dog lead through a UK town has gone viral on X leaving viewers frankly confused.

In a street interview video in Bermondsey by @EmanRTM, Eric Cantona appears suddenly after a clip of a Spurs fan trying, and failing, to spell the word ‘weapon’.

The street interviewer, Emmanuel, unaware of who the legendary French striker is, asks Cantona what eight plus six is.

The Manchester United legend characteristically replies, “the only number I know is number seven”, a clear reference to his iconic shirt number from his playing days.

At which point, as Cantona walks away, the camera pans down to a goat contently being walked on a dog lead. The makings of the most surreal of strange dreams.

However behind every unbelievable event, there is always a rational explanation.

In this case Eric Cantona was in Bermondsey to shoot what is suspected to be an advert for Ford, as judged by the cap he was wearing, outside a pub just down the road from Millwall’s home ground, The Den.

Social media users reacted as expected, with shock.

One user said: “This has to be Eric Cantona of Man united. His typical response, The only number he knows is 7, man got me laughing.”

Another said: “Ain’t no way that Goat just said number 7.”

Meanwhile plenty of the audience were just an unaware as the interviewer himself.

One user wrote: “The second man sounded like a main character on a quest with his goat sidekick.”

The French icon has had an impressive post-football career, indulging in acting as well as music where he has appeared in a number of films and adverts, while launching a singing career.

Cantona scored 81 goals and 62 assists in 183 games for Manchester United.