COMPETITION: Quit smoking and win a holiday for two worth €2,000 3 months ago

COMPETITION: Quit smoking and win a holiday for two worth €2,000

Brought to you by NiQuitin

Not a bad way to motivate yourself to quit smoking.

Giving up smoking is no mean feat. As big a mountain it might seem at the start, having the right people around you is half the battle.

In association with NiQuitin, we want to get people to team up and quit together. We'll be selecting eight teams of two people, and we'll be keeping an eye on their progress through weekly Instagram and Twitter updates.

Not only will the prize of a €2,000 holiday be up for grabs, but everyone will get to feel like a certified badass because they finally quit smoking.

Quit smoking

Quit to Fit challenge

Whether it's your first time to try and quit or your tenth, there's no reason to stop trying. Throughout the challenge, there will be a series of physical activities that will help gauge your progress.

You won't be alone in any of this. Your partner will be alongside you the entire way, as will the other seven teams of people on the same boat.

So, to get involved, just fill in the form below. If you want, tell us a little bit about why you want to quit smoking.

You must be available for VO2 Testing on Saturday, 9 February, in Dublin. This is to get an idea of your fitness levels at the beginning, so you'll really notice the difference.

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In partnership with NiQuitin