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27th Sep 2015

Your spine and other body parts will tingle at the sensational Ireland’s Call from Wembley

My god this is special

Kevin McGillicuddy

Words can’t even begin to do this rendition of Ireland’s Call justice.

Wembley was almost a complete sell out as thousands of Irish fans packed into the stadium today to see Joe Schmidt’s side take on and beat Romania by 44-10 in our second game of the World Cup.

The stadium was very much full of Irish fans and they made their voices heard in a sensational way before the game as they belted out every note and syllable of Ireland’s Call along with the players.

The incredible atmosphere was captured by BeanBagSports and honestly it just makes us very very sad not to be there, but also a little bit emotional at the support shown to the Irish team.

We defy you not to beat your chest after watching this footage, especially when it gets going around 30 seconds in.

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