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09th May 2015

VIDEO: Penrith player somehow avoids red card after shocking spear tackle

Lucky to escape uninjured

Darragh Murphy

There are few things more dangerous in the sport of rugby than a spear tackle.

That’s why it’s so surprising that Tyrone Peachey’s horror tackle on Adam Blair yesterday went all but unpunished by the match referee.

After the Penrith back row lost possession of the ball, Brisbane Broncos’ Adam Blair picked it up before being dumped perilously on his head by Peachey.

A melee between the teams ensued as the referee signaled for Peachey to be put on report but the Suncorp Stadium crowd were left crying for an immediate sending off.

Luckily Blair was OK after the spear tackle but if this doesn’t constitute a red card then what does?

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