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28th Jan 2015

Video: Cian Healy does some serious liftin’ and talks about Cathal Pendred’s rugby playing days

Pendred was a bit of a hard fella


The Irish loosehead gave a great interview in the latest episode of Leinster Rugby’s Across the Laighin series

Healy is eyeing up his return for the province after he sustained a pretty nasty hamstring injury last year. He revealed, in between doing reps, that his extended period on the sidelines has allowed him to gain some more in-depth knowledge of the sport of rugby.

One of the biggest things I did was upped my study of rugby. I never watched a lot of rugby and I started watching a lot more and trying to get a bit more of an understanding.

General play stuff, how players moved and different aspects of people’s games. I didn’t hone in on particular players or anything like that, it was just more general knowledge on rugby.

The subject of the interview quickly changed to another Clontarf native who has been grabbing the headlines in his respective sport. UFC welterweight Cathal Pendred was a school mate of Healy’s and the prop explained that he is a fervent supporter of the Punisher inside the Octagon.

That’s been another positive of being injured, I suppose. I could stay up til 5 am to watch the fights.

Prior to becoming a mixed martial artist, Pendred was a decent rugby player at schools level and played alongside Healy in a Belvedere side that claimed the Leinster Senior Cup back in 2005. It comes as no surprise to us, that the fighter was apparently known for his toughness on the pitch.

He was a dangerous enough six, he was a pretty good line-out jumper for us and, as he is now, just a bit of a hard fella.Tough enough around the pitch, he was.

Cathal Pendred Cian Healy

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