SportsJOE’s 12 Photoshops of Christmas – Day Two 8 years ago

SportsJOE’s 12 Photoshops of Christmas – Day Two

For our Sophomore effort, we give you a rugby-themed photoshop that's sure to fill you with Christmas cheer

No, that isn't an illicit supplement. We can assure you, it's Christmas cheer.


It's time to keep the ball rolling on this one as we bring you our second Christmas photoshop to get you in the mood for what certain songwriters claim is the most wonderful time of the year.

For our second effort, we've got an exclusive, behind the scenes photo of Ulster rugby getting Ravenhi... I mean, the Kingspan stadium ready for the holidays. The Ulster forwards have utilised their skills on the field to get the Christmas decorations up swiftly and efficiently.

Franco Van Der Merwe 20/11/2014



If you missed our first installment of our new regular Yuletide feature, you can check it out here. Warning: it contains a photo of Marty Morrissey which some of our readers may find disturbing.