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21st Dec 2023

Roy Keane delivers perfect comedic timing to Gary Neville’s Xmas party story

Lee Costello

Roy Keane

” I ended up in hospital one Christmas.”

Roy Keane delivered perfect comedic timing to Gary Neville’s Xmas story and it had his colleagues folded over with laughter.

Poor Neville was explaining how he was spiked during one of the Man United Xmas parties, but Keane had no sympathy and was quick to interrupt with perfect timing.

On the latest episode of Stick to Football, Jamie Carragher, Jill Scott, Ian Wright, Neville and Keane were enjoying a Christmas special, so naturally the conversation drifted towards the annual Xmas party that would take place every year at their respective clubs.

Roy Keane delivers perfect comedic timing to Gary Neville’s Xmas party story.

Gary Neville: I ended up in hospital one Christmas, I thought I was going to die. Someone spiked my drink; I don’t know what with, but it was bad,” Neville said.

Roy Keane: (Deadpan) With alcohol…

An eruption of laughter from the rest of the panel soon resulted in even Neville himself haunched over the table, and even Keane couldn’t hold back the laughter himself,

“I was with David Beckham,” Neville continued.

“And Ben Thornley put me in a taxi and he sent me home, but I said to the taxi driver to take me to the hospital.

“I got to the hospital, and it was quite busy, and I ended up falling asleep on the deck, and I remember one of the nurses coming over to me asking if it was just drunk, which I said it was, and only then I realised that I could have been spiked.

“I ended up sleeping at the hospital, waking up about two hours later and you didn’t have mobile phones back then and I was 18, so I ended up using the hospital phone to ring up my girlfriend to come and pick me up.

“I remember she picked up and I was sat in a wheelchair at the front of the hospital.”

When Roy Keane was banned from Man United’s Xmas party he did the most Roy Keane thing possible.

Keane went on to tell his own Xmas party mishap, as he explained that there was one year at Man United, when he was banned from attending the part by Sir Alex Ferguson.

Always known to be independent and be a bit of a rogue, he did the most Roy Keane thing possible and simply had a party on his own.

“I got banned from the Manchester United Christmas party one year,” he said. “I must’ve been injured, and the reserve team were having a night out and I went out with them and I think there was a bit of bother in Manchester.

“The first team lads were going out a couple days later and Sir Alex Ferguson came in, in front of everyone, and said that if anyone was seen drinking with me that day, they would get fined.

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