Simon Zebo's reaction to Lions heartache is perhaps the most beautiful of all 1 year ago

Simon Zebo's reaction to Lions heartache is perhaps the most beautiful of all

Simon Zebo is a good guy.

He's a good guy and he's a hell of a player who has been turning it on of late for his province and for Ireland.

But Zebo won't be going to New Zealand this summer and that must be hard to take for a man doing everything that he is doing.

He could become a Munster legend.

He's always there for his country.

He's already been on tour with the Lions.


Zebo's a bit of craic too.

He looks good with a hurl posing as John McClane.

And he'll front up in a game of dares in front of the elite of British and Irish players.

Not being selected on Warren Gatland's squad to tour New Zealand this summer would've stung for the Munster man.

His name has been propping up constantly in the build up. His versatility, his form, his heart and athleticism have put him right in contention and, with 11 Ireland players being named, you'd be forgiven for just expecting to see him on the list too.

As it was, Zebo didn't get the nod but he took it well, surrounded by his family and he took it like he takes most things, with a smile on his face.


He took it like the champion that he is.

"Don't worry be happy" 💜

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A picture that'd pull at the heart strings as much as it would lift you. A picture that sums up the man that Simon Zebo is.

Now, he has a semi-final to prepare for. In truth, that's all he was ever focusing on.

The difference to some of the players who got good news though shows you how tough it was for those left behind.

It shows you the real beauty of Zebo being surrounded by his own family, still smiling.

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