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14th Apr 2015

Sean Cronin says a car clamper threatened to knife him in the neck

Cronin was talking about clampers to Cathal Pendred

Neil Treacy

Driving in Dublin seems to be a dangerous game.

Not only are the roads absolutely wedged 90 percent of the time, you also have to deal with far more clampers than in other cities and towns around the country.

And as if the inconvenience of a clamped car isn’t enough, it now seems that you run the risk of a physical threat, should you dare to question them.

Yesterday, Irish UFC star Cathal Pendred found himself clamped outside his home, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Irish rugby international Sean Cronin replied to Pendred’s tweet, saying that he too had been in a similar situation recently, and when he tried to plead his case, he was told by the clamper that he’d knife his throat.

“Complete cowboys mate, a clamper threatened to knife me in the neck recently after I argued with them, absolute scumbags”, he tweeted.

Sounds like a lovely guy. Must be either very brave or very foolish to be picking a fight with someone of Sean Cronin’s size, mind you.

SportsJOE caught up with Cronin out at Leinster Rugby HQ, in UCD, this afternoon and found him unwilling to divulge more on the incident.

SportsJOE: What happened with this clamper?

SEAN CRONIN: Oh don’t worry about it. I’m over my ordeal now.

SportsJOE: Did you pay the fee?

SEAN CRONIN: I’m not talking about it any more. I will talk about rugby.

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