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12th Jan 2023

Eight characters Netflix simply must follow in the new Six Nations documentary

Patrick McCarry

Netflix, give us a shout if ye need a hand with the title.

Netflix has announced it will stream a ‘Drive to Survive’ style behind-the-scenes documentary on the 2023 Six Nations. The Netflix Six Nations show will be shown in 2024… when Ireland is collectively, and just about, getting over our latest World Cup quarter final exit.

Going by the working title of, wait for it, ‘Six Nations’, the streaming giants have confirmed they will be following all six countries, their players and coaches, with a few talking heads thrown in for good measure (and soundbites).

As part of a slate of seven confirmed sports documentaries and shows coming up over the next 12 months, the Netflix blurb reads:

‘Six Nations and Producers of Formula 1: Drive to Survive are planning to get fans closer than ever to this year’s Guinness Six Nations Championship.

‘The series will take us inside the exhilarating world of the oldest and greatest annual international rugby tournament, giving fans an insight into pulsating behind the scenes moments, as the best teams in Europe battle it out in some of the biggest matches in the rugby calendar to take home the prestigious trophy. As the pressure and intensity builds, who will claim one of the sport’s biggest prizes?’

We are going to give the producers of the upcoming Netflix Six Nations documentary a leg-up by flagging some of the best, outlandish and outspoken characters for their cameras to focus on. Thank us all in 2024.

Our Netflix Six Nations must-haves

Netflix Six Nations

Mack Hansen (Ireland)

A coin-flip between the affable Connacht winger or the equally loquacious James Lowe. Both men, hailing from Australia and New Zealand respectively, were not brought up in Ireland so do not clam up when the cameras start rolling.

There will be no ‘Arra, sure, lookit… it’s a team effort, at the end of the day’ nothing-isms coming from either of these wingers. Mack has cut his hair and shaved his moustache but he is tatted up and wears garish clothes, so would be a bright splash on our screens.

Ange Capuozzo (Italy)

The new darling of Italian rugby, even if Sergio Parisse is only 39 and could perform some WWE style shock re-appearance just when his country needs him.

Made fools of Wales in last season’s competition, was snapped up by Toulouse and loves stripping down to his undies to celebrate.

Warren Gatland (Wales)

No Eddie Jones – why, England, WHY? – but we have been struck lucky that Wales decided top jettison their head coach (Wayne Pivac) a year out from the World Cup.

If Gatland was a lollipop, he’d have licked himself out of existence by now. When Wales lose, he will ruffle feathers and there will be sour grapes. When Wales win, his braggadocio nature will ramp into overdrive.

Marcus Smith (England)

Netflix Six Nations

The young gun that has displaced the hardened veteran (Owen Farrell is only 31 but has been around for what feels like 47 years). The flashy, on-the-edges player that may be constrained by a conservative, grunt-heavy team.

If the Netflix producers had any sway over scripting this championship (Note: they do not!), they would bring back his Harlequins buddy – shoot from the hip Danny Care – and England would show they can win with swagger.

Uini Antonio (France)

A laid-back Kiwi who is a national hero in France. Talk to anyone at La Rochelle and with Les Bleus and they will tell you how Uini is the craic master. The life and soul of the party. The player of pranks. Go easy in nature. Go hard on the pitch.

Added to that, Antonio tips the scales at over 25-stone, stretches the tape beyond 6-foot-5 and is a big fan of dropping Shakespeare quotes into conversations and team-talks.

Stuart Hogg (Scotland)

Netflix Six NationsScotland captain Stuart Hogg is Netflix Six Nations gold, waiting to happen. (Credit: Sportsfile)

Aside from being an incredibly talented player, Hogg can light up this Netflix Six Nations show if he tees off on follow opponents, the media or detractors. Or all three!

Case in point, this Instagram rant from October of last year:

‘Ok. I get it. I find it incredibly frustrating and annoying that my appearance has somehow taken over my ability to play rugby according to ‘fans’ of the game.

‘My hair. My teeth. My f**king choice with what I do. No matter how many time it’s heckled, written, commented on. I will continue to be me. Why? Because I’ve every f**king right to.

‘I have a man bun. I have had dental treatment. Give over. It’s old news. Find something more interesting to do with your lives.’

Just hit ‘RECORD’ and let this guy cook.

Antoine Dupont (France)

Netflix Six Nations

The best player in the world over the past three years, and a player that is so instinctive and inspired that he will win over legions of new fans without even having to say a word.

Antoine Dupont is rugby gold-dust. Sprinkle him over a few episodes and the series will be a je ne sais quoi success.

Tadhg Furlong (Ireland)

Back when Horeswood GAA’s finest was with the Ireland U20 set-up, then-coach Mike Ruddock dubbed him, ‘The Mayor of Wexford’. Furlong was not enamoured with the nickname, so Ruddock asked if he had any better ideas.

‘Call me The Jukebox,’ Furlong replied.

‘Why the Jukebox?’ asked Ruddock.

‘Because the hits keep coming!’

“He was funny, not boastful, but he knew he could do it,” Ruddock recalled. “That was the thing.”

Such is the laid-back demeanour, innate confidence and ridiculous skill-set for a tighthead prop that Furlong could go global if the Neflix cameras get a chunk of his time.

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