Rory Best being blamed for Lions star's stocious phonecalls with wife 5 years ago

Rory Best being blamed for Lions star's stocious phonecalls with wife

Come on now, Joe Marler, you can't be blaming Rory Best for that.

From the sounds of it, Joe Marler and Rory Best struck up a bit of a bromance during the 2017 British and Irish Lions Tour of New Zealand.


While the midweek team made the trip to work hard to be a part of a successful Lions Tour, they made sure to enjoy the social aspect as well.

Marler put it very bluntly during a recent interview with The Telegraph. When asked what the biggest thing he learned on tour was, he gave a three-word response.

“How to drink."


Marler is a 27-year-old man. At this stage of his life, you would like to think that he can make his own decisions, but seemingly that isn't the case.

Shortly after dropping that line about drinking, the England prop hung Best out to dry, pointing the finger of blame squarely on the Ulsterman's shoulders. He blamed the Ireland captain for the numerous Facetimes he had with his wife that resulted in him being quizzed over how much he had to drink.

“Rory Best is the one to blame for that. He is the one to blame for every time I spoke to my wife on Facetime she said ‘are you pissed again?’ And I was ‘of course not’ so that is probably the biggest thing I learned on that tour."


That being said, Marler doesn't hold it against Best. He had the experience of a lifetime in the Southern Hemisphere and a lot of that had to do with the craic that was had with his teammates.

"It was genuinely a great group of blokes that had a really good time. My drinking ability had to step up a bit."

Sounds mighty!