Leinster take all the prizes for best jersey of 2022/23 with throwback classic 8 months ago

Leinster take all the prizes for best jersey of 2022/23 with throwback classic

A work of rugby jersey art.

When Leinster and adidas reunited, a few seasons back, you knew they would one day produce a classic. They had some close calls, but the new Leinster jersey for 2022/23 is a sight to behold.


The makers have conceived and produced a lovely piece of kit that should look well on your average fan but even better - as you'd expect - on the players.

The new home jersey uses yellow and navy accenting that set off the Leinster blue, the crest and the white splashes signifying adidas and sponsor Bank of Ireland.

In the past, the yellow accenting has been applied, but a little too liberally for our liking:

Leinster jersey Leinster jersey


The latest offering gets it on the nose, though.

Our thoughts, upon first seeing it, were of this number sported by Brian O'Driscoll and his teammates around 2003/04.

Leinster jersey Brian O'Driscoll, Leinster, in action against Biarritz's Guillaume Bousses in the 2003/04 Heineken Cup. (Credit; Brendan Moran/SPORTSFILE)

New Leinster jersey sticks the landing

Adidas have opted to keep it relatively simple with their recent offerings, but blue and navy have dominated the selection swatch.

They have got it on the money with the latest home kit, with Josh van der Flier good enough to fill it out for a photo-shoot at The RDS before he headed down to New Zealand to help stuff the All Blacks.

For those of you that crave more creativity and boundary-pushing, a little known German company called adidas also unveiled their new 'alternate' Munster jersey.


They got the stag in there, in a more psychedelic setting.

It's still early days yet [the 2021/22 season finished on Saturday!] so expect more jersey drops, from home and abroad, in the coming weeks.

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