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05th Nov 2016

Female rugby team bares all for calendar to raise funds for club and promote body confidence

Braving the conditions

Darragh Murphy

A female rugby team from Hertfordshire has gone all out to raise some much-needed funds for the club.

Hitchin Ladies rugby team braved the steadily dropping temperatures as they posed for a nude calendar, with the added aim of promoting body confidence and female empowerment.

Almost half of the 28-woman squad took to the pitch and bared all for photographer Amy Haughton’s lens.

Image via SWNSImage via SWNS

“Everyone was a bit shy to begin with but by the end of it we were all just walking around naked,” team member Claire Crompton told the

“We all shower together at the weekend so it’s not too different to that I suppose.

Image via SWNSImage via SWNS

“It did get a bit awkward when we tried out a scrum though.

“We’re all really good friends and wanted to do something fun to help raise money so this seemed like a great idea.”

The calendar, which can be bought on the club’s website for £10, was put together to encourage body confidence among young women and no photoshopping was used in its production.

“It’s meant to be an empowering, body confidence sort of thing,’ events manager and photographer Amy Haughton said.

Image via SWNS

“There was no photoshopping involved and all images include curves, cellulite – the lot. All the ladies came away from the shoot feeling pretty confident.

“We’re certainly not supermodels, but we had fun and hopefully we can raise some money and the profile of women’s rugby.”

Fair play to all involved.

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