English rugby star shares great tips to get you in shape this year 4 years ago

English rugby star shares great tips to get you in shape this year

Ben Morgan has been on the top of his game for the past seven seasons and knows all about peaking at the right time.

The Gloucester and England No.8 is hoping to crack back into Eddie Jones' plans for the Six Nations and add to his 31 Test caps.


SportsJOE caught up with the 28-year-old to talk about his team's end to 2017, start to the new year and we got some great tips that will see you right in 2018.

For anyone looking to get in shape for 2018, what's a good, go-to exercise.

Running. I think the best advice you can give to getting rid of a belly is to start a routine of running without a doubt.


What’s the best new year’s resolution you can make to try and lose weight, get fit(ter), and build muscle

Go to the gym. Getting there can be hard, but just make sure you do exactly that to begin with. As I said, running (you could even run to the gym) will help anyone to lose weight, get fitter and build muscles on the legs and abs.

Above and beyond that, don’t be afraid to speak to somebody at the gym who can help put a plan together.

What were the lads REALLY allowed to eat over the holidays?


Chef Will cooks us a really nice roast dinner and then you’ve got to look after yourself when you go away with your family. James Hudson, [nutritionist] will tell us to go easy on the roast potatoes and anything else that’s a bit empty in nutrients; chocolate, Christmas pudding, mince pies etc.

How tough are the training sessions following Christmas/New Year?

There’s always a nice little blow out just to dust out the cobwebs. Of course they can always seem a bit tougher, but in all honesty it’s really nice to be out there and back at it so it’s never too much of a struggle.

Did you manage to cut loose/have a beer around the holidays? Do you usually stick together after a game or get back home as soon as possible?


After the game – absolutely! Before a game, not a chance! Typically we'll get back and spend a little time with the family and then, with games ensuing, we get straight back to it.

Ever come across a teammate (without naming names) that ever feigned injury to skip the festive games?

No, never. At the end of the day this is our job as well as our passion and you want to be playing it no matter what.

What do the southern hemisphere lads make of having to play in woeful weather conditions over the holidays?

They love it, they’re not used to the rain but seem to really enjoy it! For some, the cold, wet and even snowy conditions can be a bit of a first but they seem to love it.


*Gloucester have upcoming home games on January 19 and 26. For matchday information and tickets, visit their website.