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10th Sep 2018

Can you name the Connacht starting XV that beat Leinster in the PRO12 final?

Any Connacht fan worth their salt will be able to rattle off this team in a few minutes

Ben Kiely


Connacht fans, this is for you!

On Saturday 28 May 2016, Connacht rugby won their seventh Celtic League final. Connacht beat Leinster 20-10 to win the 2016 Pro12 Grand Finale.

We’re asking you to name the 15 men who started for Connacht on that day in Murrayfield. You will have a full 10 minutes to complete the quiz and second names will be accepted as full answers.

Best of luck and let us know how you get on. Just don’t be the douchebag that ruins it on everyone. Nobody likes that guy.

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