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07th Feb 2017

Anthony Foley’s widow praises ‘amazing goodness of people’ as thousands sign Book of Condolences

10,000 people have signed the Book of Condolences

Conor Heneghan

A tribute to just how highly regarded the great man was.

Olive Foley, the wife of the late Anthony Foley, has described the 10,000 signatures on Limerick City and County Council’s Book of Condolences presented to her this week as a reminder of the ‘amazing goodness of people’.

Olive Foley was presented with the Book of Condolences by Mayor of the City and County of Limerick Cllr Kieran O’Hanlon at City Hall this week and said that as overwhelming as her husband’s passing has been, the generosity of the public has still shone through at all times.

“As dreadful as this has been, I cannot help, even at the most difficult of times, but see the amazing goodness of people,” she said.

“You’re dealing with something that is almost too much at times but there’s always someone at your side, some message coming through.

“The greatness of this is really that it’s there for everyone, every time there’s a tragedy, people respond in amazing ways. Ireland is a special place in that regard and Limerick too. We had incredible support in Killaloe but it was like there was a small bridge between Killaloe and Limerick at that time, and very much since.

Foley added that the fact that the book of condolences was signed by 10,000 people – the capacity of the website was increased to enable people to sign it online – “says it all about Limerick” and that the journey past Thomond Park on the day of Anthony’s funeral is something the family will never forget.

“To have 10,000 people sign a book of condolences says it all about Limerick,” she added.

“It has a huge place in our hearts and even the journey home with Anthony, passing Thomond Park and seeing so many people there, is something we will never forget. We thank everyone across the city and county for their support and for all these signatures. We will never forget it.”

Mayor of Limerick Kieran O’Hanlon paid tribute to Olive Foley and her family to the way they have responded to Anthony’s death, singling out an online initiative launched by the family in Anthony’s memory for particular attention.

“Anthony was a hero to us all and Olive is now very much the same,” O’Hanlon said.

“You just had to stand back and admire the way she and the boys and the wider family met Anthony’s passing. She has been so brave and so eloquent, from her homily at his funeral to everything she has done since.

“The online initiative by the family to have others remembered in Masses alongside Anthony in the run up to Christmas was also remarkable. It brought thousands of people together who are grieving.

“That solidarity has given so many people strength and it was an incredibly selfless thing for the family to do. There’s not much we can do at times like this except let people know we are there for them and Limerick certainly did that for the Foley family.”

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