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20th Oct 2023

The SportsJOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 47

Lee Costello


Here we go again on my owwwwwwwn.

The SportsJOE Friday Pub Quiz has arrived, which means you can finally use that big brain of yours for something that’s actually important, instead of work or whatever.

We cover a wide range of sports in this particular quiz, so we’re not going to lie to you – it won’t be easy.In fact, if you can get 17/20, we would be very surprised.

That’s not because we doubt your ability as a sporting know-it-all, we just deliberately pick some very tricky questions to throw off even the most intelligent of our readers.

Who knows though, you could surprise us, and if you do, be sure to screenshot your score and post it in the comments section.

Good luck!

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