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22nd Sep 2023

The SportsJOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 42

Lee Costello


There’s no better way to star your Friday off then the SportsJOE Friday Pub Quiz.

Another Friday, another Sportsjoe Friday Pub Quiz, to kick off your day in the right way and set up your whole weekend for more sporting action.

We have went a bit old school with this one, throwing in some movies and TV questions, then we challenge your geography skills, before sprinkling in a few questions about records.

There is also a general knowledge round and it will either make or break you in terms of this quiz, because it’s pretty challenging unless yo knows your onions.

The Score to beat is 17, so if you manage to pull that off be sure to take a screenshot and post it in the comments section below, not that anyone will believe you anyway.

Good luck!

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