WATCH: Fighter sprays opponent with urine during bizarre staredown 6 years ago

WATCH: Fighter sprays opponent with urine during bizarre staredown

Say what you will about trash talkers like Conor McGregor, Michael Bisping and Chael Sonnen but they'd never pull a stunt like this.

Certain things just cross the line when you're trying to get into an opponent's head and, by our estimations, spraying urine into his/her face is about 200 yards beyond that line.


During the weigh-ins for a Universal Reality Combat Championship event in the Philippines, Kiko Matos came face to face with opponent Baron Geisler for a staredown.

After squaring off for the cameras, Matos put his hand behind his back where he was handed a squirt-bottle full of his urine.

As he brought his hand back around to face the front, he pulled the trigger and sent mists of, well, piss into the face of Geisler who understandably tried to distance himself from the situation.


"Baron, drink my piss," shouted Matos, as translated by Rappler.

The bout was scheduled after the pair had clashed in a bar fight earlier this year.

And just last week, while promoting the fight, Geisler provoked his rival by kissing him as they tried to psyche each other out.


The two-round exhibition fight at Valkyrie Club in Bonifacio Global City took place on Saturday night and the pair fought to a unanimous draw, according to ABS CSN news, before they hugged in the centre of the cage.

All of that only to become best of buds by the end of it.