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01st Jun 2015

WATCH: Conor McGregor annihilates an unfortunate bob dummy at open workout

Looking in fine fettle


“I spoke in his native tongue in Rio de Janeiro and I told him he will die.”

That’s what Conor McGregor revealed that he said to UFC featherweight champion and upcoming opponent Jose Aldo when the pair crossed paths in Brazil on their world tour.

Unfortunately, the bob dummy in The Ultimate Fighter gym got no such forewarning from him as The Notorious put on an open workout for the media ahead of his highly anticipated title showdown on July 11 (which is in just six weeks time people!!)

The Irish featherweight indulged those present by ripping some body shots to the dummy before becoming determined to knock it on the arse that it doesn’t have.

conor mcgregor

Other highlights from the workout included doing some extensive pad work with Owen Roddy and exhibiting some gymnastics that would make even Georges St-Pierre jealous.

McGregor wrapped up the session with some intense words about his journey to this point in the world’s biggest mixed martial arts promotion.

“They knew I was coming, fight after fight. I burst onto the scene, called everyone out, knocked everyone out. And it’s like ‘he’s not for real, he’s not fought stiffer competition’. And then as each individual continues to get knocked out then you’ve got to say ‘holy shit, now he’s creeping up on me’.

“And you can still try to lie to yourself and tell yourself that this is a joke, it’s not going to happen. And then guess what, the boxing fight happened where I knocked my opponent down, bounced off the cage and went straight for him. Now there’s no running, now it’s before you.

“So then the world tour was just the culmination of me looking him dead in the eye and telling him [Aldo] what was going to happen to him. I knew he does not speak English. So I spoke in his native tongue in Rio de Janeiro and I told him he will die and that was it.”

Video via MMAFighting