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12th Mar 2016

VIDEO: Nate Diaz responds to Justin Bieber’s Instagram “beef” as only he can

"It's whatever"

Ben Kiely

There you have it folks, Nate Diaz is officially a star after finishing Conor McGregor at UFC 196.

The Stockton native has dipped his toe into the mainstream media by doing an interview with Extra TV in which he discussed Justin Bieber’s criticism of his performance against the Notorious.

Canadian songstress Bieber gave Diaz a rather back-handed compliment on Instagram following his submission win against McGregor, praising him for his heart, but also calling his fighting style “terrible” in comparison to the Dubliner’s.

Judging by Diaz’ reaction, he’s not surprised, motherfuckers. He explained to Extra TV that both Bieber and Drake have simply hopped on the bandwagon and are just expressing their opinion.

“(Bieber), and I saw Drake too. They put their opinions out, but they must not be too hardcore fans of the sport, because they’re riding the bandwagon. They put their opinions out on how they were going for (McGregor)… This is America!”

“The real fighters, the real martial artists, the real fans of the sport, they knew who was gonna win that fight.”

When asked what he would do if he ever came face to face with Bieber, Diaz replied “smack!” as he motioned his arm in a slapping motion.

“It’s all good, Bieber’s all good. It’s whatever.”

Check out the full interview below, which is incredibly enjoyable once you get passed the fact that they referred to Diaz as “UFC champion.”