VIDEO: Conor McGregor stirs the sugar between Faber, Dillashaw and Ludwig on TUF 22 7 years ago

VIDEO: Conor McGregor stirs the sugar between Faber, Dillashaw and Ludwig on TUF 22

Bizarrely, episode 3 of TUF 22 was filmed back in late July but you'd swear it took place this week so topical was the subject matter.

The ever-widening rift between Urijah Faber and Duane Ludwig has dominated the MMA headlines over the last few days with Faber making a number of allegations against the former Team Alpha Male head coach in terms of the chauvinistic and racially insensitive language used in training.


UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw is stuck right in between both camps as he trains out of Alpha Male with Faber but uses Duane Ludwig's Colorado facility for fight camp.

And Conor McGregor jumped at the chance to wind Faber up on TUF 22, the third episode of which was broadcast on Thursday morning.

It started with some humility from the Irishman who praised Dillashaw's performance against Renan Barao in July.



"He (Dillashaw) done well," McGregor said. "I'm happy for him."

But then came the pot-stirring.

"I think you should man up and fight him now," McGregor told Faber.

"You brought him out of college. You said you brought him up and then Duane came in and took him from you. Now he's winning the world championship."

"You should man up now and get the fight, I feel. That's your only fight!"

When asked about his comments in a piece to camera, McGregor revealed that he believed Faber was a coward for not pursuing a fight with Dillashaw.


"I told the truth!" McGregor said. "I see these comments going back and forth and I realised that Urijah's an absolute pussy.

"He took some kid out of school and showed him the ropes. Brought him in and showed him the path. He gave him the opportunity, brought in a stand-up coach to coach the gym.

"He (Ludwig) takes over the coaching and then takes TJ with him. I think it's a bitch move on TJ's part and I think it's a bitch move on Urijah's part in not recognising it."

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