Urijah Faber finally lays into TJ Dillashaw for walking "away from the family that brought him up" 7 years ago

Urijah Faber finally lays into TJ Dillashaw for walking "away from the family that brought him up"

It looks like it's a bit of "no more Mr Nice Guy" from Urijah Faber in relation to TJ Dillashaw's departure from Team Alpha Male.

Dillashaw revealed last week that his next fight camp will be taking place in Colorado rather than at Faber's Sacramento gym and The California Kid has finally broken his silence on the move


"We all know T.J.," Faber said on the Stud Show Radio podcast. "He gives back to the team, but he's also about no. 1. And I'm thinking, 'Who the hell is this guy who's giving him life advice and barely knows him, that he needs to do something for himself and come train with him?'"

Faber also revealed that the current bantamweight champion often injured people in training

"When you have a family environment, you have people that have different little issues. T.J.'s thing has been that he has a bad temper and he hurts people in practice and does stuff. He's got a temper and doesn't hold back sometimes."

Faber had initially sent out a heartfelt goodbye message to Dillashaw but it sounds as though he's lost his patience ever so slightly, particularly with how Dillashaw was 'recruited.'


"I come to find out later there's a guy Leister or something like that. He's a recruiter or wrestling coach or something like that who has been talking to Cody [Garbrandt] and trying to get Cody to come out," Faber explained. "Basically trying to chicken hawk guys and apparently there's an article where he said something like, 'I had a heart-to-heart with T.J.,' granted, he's worked with him half of one camp - 'and I told him it's about time you do something for yourself. It's about time you do something selfish.'"

Watch the full interview below. The Dillashaw discussion begins at around 1 hr 20 mins.